Do you provide accommodation for couples?

Yes. The Lodges have single adjoining units, each with their own washrooms. The Self-Contained apartments are one-bedroom units. The Affordable Housing apartments offer two-bedroom units for couples.

May I apply if I am not yet 65 years old?

As long as you demonstrate the circumstances of a “senior” and are appropriate to the housing accommodation being applied for, your application may be considered if vacancies exist and there is no waiting list. Typically our facilities in St. Albert would not be an option as there tends to be longer waiting lists in that community, but you may directly contact one of the rural lodges to determine if there are vacancies and if your application would be accepted.

What will my rent be?

Line 150 of the applicant’s most recent Notice of Assessment Tax Form will be used to assess eligibility for all our units (lodge, self-contained, affordable housing). Lodge resident rent is RGI (Rent-geared-to-income) and calculated based on 30 % of a resident’s monthly income plus the mandatory service package fee. Self-Contained tenant rent is RGI and calculated on 30% of a residents monthly income plus some utilities. Affordable Housing monthly rent is $795.00 for a one-bedroom unit and $945.00 for a two-bedroom, plus cable and electricity. Please refer to ‘Rents’ in the housing option of your choice for further information.

Is Parking available, such as underground or covered parking?

Surface parking spaces with electrical access are available for a monthly fee for residents who have a vehicle and a valid driver’s license. There are no underground or covered parking areas.

Do you allow smoking?

As per Provincial Government legislation, all our buildings are smoke-free and smoking is not allowed in any resident/tenant rooms or common areas. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas, which varies among facilities. Some Lodges have indoor smoking rooms and/or designated outdoor areas located five metres from any entrance/ windows as dictated by local bylaw enforcement.

Do you allow pets?

Unfortunately pets are not allowed in any resident or tenant rooms in the Lodge or Apartment Buildings. “Visiting” pets are sometimes scheduled, with preauthorization from management, to attend the Lodge in designated areas or as part of a program or activity.

Can family or community members attend activities, programs or special events?

Friends, family and community members are always welcome in the lodge for activities, programs and monthly birthday parties. A monthly event calendar is available from our staff. There are also special functions such as barbeques and seasonal parties throughout the year, to which we make an extra special effort to include the family and friends of our residents. Tenants in our apartments are also able to take part in the Lodge events.

How long do I wait once I apply?

Once you have submitted your application and medical assessment form, you will be called for an interview to assess your suitability for the housing being applied for. A successful applicant will have their application priority rated and offered a room if one is available. If no room is available, the applicant will be added to the waiting list(s). We cannot estimate or guarantee wait times as it is based on priority ratings (not ‘first come first serve’) and lists may fluctuate.

What does the Lodge Service Package include?

A comprehensive service package is mandatory for Lodge Residents and is part of the monthly rental fee. It includes all meals and snacks (available 24 hours), weekly room cleaning (includes bedding and towels laundered), Emergency call bell in residents’ washrooms, 24 hour non-medical staff, recreational programing, and utilities, (excluding telephone and cable TV services)

May I apply at more than one facility?

Yes, you may apply at more than one facility. On the application form for Lodge or Self-Contained you may indicate your first and second choice, as well as check off all facilities you would be interested in. When you submit the application form (in person, mail, fax or email) to the facility of your first choice, they will forward a copy on to the other facilities you have indicated. The only exception is If you want to apply for an Affordable Housing apartment (North Ridge Place), a separate application is required.

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