We believe:

  • that our fundamental concern is a quest for excellence in the provision of seniors supportive housing and community affordable housing;
  • in respect for the dignity and worth of individuals, be they residents, tenants, families, employees, service providers, or others;
  • that individuals have the right to housing and service support based on their unique needs and regardless of creed, race, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion or economic status;
  • that it is the responsibility of all involved with the provision of service to make every effort to ensure all residents/tenants receive the best possible service, with the utmost skill and efficiency, and with the greatest of personal consideration and respect;
  • that the health and wellness of an individual is holistic and includes physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being;
  • that residents/tenants must be afforded personal and informational privacy;
  • in evaluating the quality of services on an ongoing basis;
  • in the proper accountability and prudent expenditure of public funds;
  • that long-range planning is an integral part of the organization, and necessary to accurately meet the needs of the community served;
  • that we should co-operate, promote and assist any related agency with similar objectives in furthering or improving community affordable housing and services for seniors;
  • that the quality of service is related to the improvement of services achieved through education and research;
  • that as a major employer and consumer of local goods and services, we are responsible to practice sound corporate citizenship through community and professional involvement and progressive employee relations programs.

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Homeland Housing
P.O. Box #3096
9922 103 Street
Morinville, AB T8R 1R7
Phone: 780-939-5116
Fax: 780-939-2513
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